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Future Strong Education CEO Kathyrn Murray Education Consultant trainer training teachers. Strategic Planning for School Districts

Founder and CEO


As a little girl Dr Kathryn Murray wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. She played ‘schools’ with the neighbourhood children and knew that she had found her passion. Kathryn began her career teaching in early childhood classrooms in Queensland, Australia. She taught in many different contexts and took on a range of roles along with classroom teacher for 25 years. She continued to study and attend numerous professional development presentations always striving to increase her knowledge and skills to use in the classroom and with the parents of the children in the classroom. 

Kathryn was invited to lecture pre-service education students at the university level and taught into the early childhood and primary (elementary) degree programs. This career change allowed Kathryn to mix her extensive teaching experience with research and share effective teaching strategies with the student teachers. Kathryn continued to research and study and was awarded a Doctor of Education. When working as a tenured lecturer at the university, Kathryn spoke at many national and international conferences on a range of education related topics, many based on her own research projects. She worked locally with community organisations and provided workshops and information sessions to the public. 

Kathryn decided to mix her education background and her commitment to young children to create her consultancy business, Future Strong Education, to support teachers, educators in their classroom practice and provide parents with guidance on raising their children. Kathryn has blended her education background and money coaching training to establish herself as a money beliefs coach. She coaches parents to unpack their money beliefs developed in childhood which may not serve them in adulthood. She supports parents to be a positive money role model for their children so that they can have a strong future. She continues to lecture pre-service teachers on a casual basis.

Dr Kathryn Murray is the CEO of Future Strong Education and works throughout Australia, Europe, North America and Asia. She is a highly sought after public speaker, workshop facilitator and coach. 

Kathryn has four adult children. Her passion is, and has always been, to support adults so that the children they parent or teach will have the best possible start to a life that is Future Strong!

Our focus


Kathryn’s qualifications include:

  Doctor of Education; Master of Learning Management; Bachelor of Education; Double Diploma in Teaching (Primary/Preschool), Cert IV Training and Assessing; Certified Money Coach (CMC)©; as well as numerous certificates and workplace recognition awards including a nomination for the Vice Chancellors Award for Outstanding Learning and Teaching and Distance Educator of the Year (Student Choice) 2017, 2019 at Central Queensland University, Australia. 


Our Beliefs

  • We believe that giving back is one way to ensure that children across the globe have the best possible chance in life. We do that by: 

  • Providing free or low cost professional development to teachers in remote and rural Australia. We drive or fly long distances to ensure that the small communities have access to a professional network and research to support their work. We call this our ‘rural road trip’.

  • Writing free educational articles for The Centre For Women & Co ( a family based community organisations supporting over 150 000 vulnerable women in Australia. 

  • Supporting the Act For Kids Charity though donation and professional development sessions and support for teachers working with children suffering trauma. 

  • Connecting with teachers in Australia and across the globe who reach out for advice and support so that they can be the best they can be for children. 


We are motivated

We're looking forward to working with your organization. 

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