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Our aim is to guide early childhood educators to refine their teaching practices and reignite their passion to provide quality opportunities for children. We want children to have a quality education with educators who are the ‘best of the best’!

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How we do this

How we do this...


The Future Strong team works with organizations, teachers and educators providing professional development presentations, workshops and mentoring. We reignite your passion for your profession. Our technique stems from research on emotional intelligence and neuroscience. Our goal is to help you develop and give you the tools to reach your fullest potential. 

We also offer parent workshops that will provide strategies and educate parents on how best to assist in their child's development.

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Our mission, belief and promise to you.

We are optimists and see the potential in every child. So we must be proactive in cultivating and guiding our children for the future. Inspiring that same spirit into our teachers, community organizations and parents is paramount. It's our duty to give you what you need to guide our next generation. 

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Future Strong Money Education

 We coach people to change their belief systems around money and build self awareness of their actions. Studies show that childhood experiences around money and resources, influences adult behaviour.  By understanding and addressing obstacles early on, we can create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. 

Coming soon! Money Belief Quiz!

 Look out for our money belief quiz! Here we will assess how you view money and develop strategies to create healthy habits. 

Future Strong and the workplace

 Building positive and professional relationships at work reduces stress, helps to achieve goals, meet deadlines, have less fake days off, feel satisfied and enjoy our time in our workplaces. Staff wellbeing, respectful relationships and a culture of communications is what we help businesses achieve.

Future Strong Education CEO Kathyrn Murray Education Consultant trainer training teachers. Strategic Planning for School Districts

Future Strong Education Australia

Future Strong Education International

Future Strong Education International

  Our headquarters is on the Sunshine Coast, 90km outside of Brisbane. We’re an easy flight or quick drive to anywhere in Australia to provide our services. We have provided training, workshops, and speaking engagements from Darwin to Melbourne and all points east and west. We love servicing our communities here in Australia and around the world and look forward to sharing our cutting-edge programs with you.

Future Strong Education CEO Kathyrn Murray Education Consultant trainer training teachers. Strategic Planning for School Districts

Future Strong Education International

Future Strong Education International

Future Strong Education International

Our programs and techniques are universal and transcend borders and culture. We have training session, workshops and speaking engagements in North America, Asia, 

Europe and Australia. Our success stems from a universal truth that providing children with a solid foundation in the early years leads to enormous benefits as adults. In order to do this, we need to develop the best and brightest educators we can and parents who feel strong and empowered.

Future Strong Education CEO Kathyrn Murray Education Consultant trainer training teachers. Strategic Planning for School Districts

Future Strong Education Giving

Future Strong Education International

Future Strong Education Giving

We feel it's our duty to give back. In Australia, we have donated our time and efforts to working with some of the country's most vulnerable and struggling communities. There is immense potential that is being untapped  in the  inner cities and rural communities around the globe. We want to do our part in creating a world of fairness, and equal opportunity.

Here's what people have to say

    “We regularly use a Future Strong Education consultant to work with our large team of early childhood development professionals. Future Strong has had a positive impact on our entire team of educators and taken their teaching to a new level. The company has experienced educational trainers who have a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to assist our staff.”

"I have just had the absolute pleasure of listening to and working with Dr Kathryn Murray. We were lucky enough to be chosen as one of the services on her first pilot outback tours. Kathy discussed behaviour, holding sessions for educators and parents. She also worked with me personally on engaging learning environments! And wow the transformation to our indoor learning space has been incredible. Kathy I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to young children throughout the world."

"After attending money coaching with Kathy, I could see my money habits as a recurring pattern dating back to a very young child and by recognising this, I had a starting point to work with to make a big change. Kathys non-judgemental approach towards changing my habits made my transition manageable and actually enjoyable which I wasn’t expecting!  I thoroughly recommend that everyone addresses their financial beliefs with the knowledge and practical skills of money coach Kathy.  She’s incredibly empowering. "

 “She quickly established positive relationships with all staff, collaborating with teachers and administrators. She understands the policies and procedures of the school.” 

“As a preferred education consultant, her presentations and workshops are professionally rewarding, with research-based evidence used in the delivery of material, practical advice and useful strategies given.”

“Kathryn has a strong commitment to the teaching profession, with an excellent knowledge of pedagogy and subject matter. Her confidence and ability to articulate effective strategies for use in early childhood classrooms has been invaluable.”

Let's build a strong future together!

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